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Publish Now Radio podcast is created for indie-authors and indie-publishers who are new to the industry. I don’t pretend to be the end all, be all expert. I have navigated this industry with zero guidance.

I teach a class on on how to design and publish an eBook. I just published a comprehensive 200 page book on Designing and publishing an eBook.

I continue to receive questions and trade (paperback) publishing. I will answer whatever questions I can here. Simply leave your questions in the comment section. Please be courteous. I will delete any attacks or rude comments. This is a learning podcast. It is developed to help each other through the journey.

As I learn more about podcasting, I plan to have guest interviews. There are many paths to being an indie-author and indie-publisher. Let’s explore them together.

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Episode 01 Why Self-publish?

Show notes episode 01

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